2014 Ev8 Regiment Team Tryouts

Ev8Regiment-Tryouts 2014

The Ev8 Group is looking for a few good men (or women) that are interested in becoming a part of the Ev8 Regiment airsoft team. Serving as the Bravo squad of the Ev8 family of factory teams, Ev8 Regiment is dedicated to growing both the local and national airsoft community via positive reinforcement, safe play, event  participation, special promotions and more.

Now entering their second year, Ev8 Regiment will once again be recruiting additional players to become part of the core team for 2014.

When: February 1st, 2014
Where: SC Viper (at SC Village) - 8900 McCarty Rd, Chino CA 91710
Time: 9am
Cost: Free

Membership Requirements:
- Age 15 or older
- Able to practice a minimum of once a month, preferably twice a month
- Ability to attend multiple events (mostly Southern California) throughout the year
- Good to advanced physical fitness level
- Positive attitude and warm personality
- Willingness to adhere to Ev8 Regiment team uniform and moral code

Bring plenty of water and a snack!