OP: Infiltration

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The worlds leading weapon specialist and bomb expert has been captured by terrorist forces. A counter-terrorist team has been sent in on a recon mission to locate and rescue the missing personnel, and prevent the terrorist forces from building his most dangerous weapon. Choose your side in this force on force, mission based battle. Will you help the counter-terrorist and rescue the weapon specialist? or will you fight against them and help bring the world to it's knees?

Title Sponsor: Airsoft Megastore

When: Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Where: SC Village, Chino CA

8900 McCarty Road Corona, CA 92880

Price:$40.00 per player PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY

$55.00 per player DAY OF

OTHER FEATURES: Massive Vendor Village, Free Raffles, and more!


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Rules and Uniform


Field Restrictions

-400 FPS with .20

-10ft engagement rule

Full face protection this includes the following

-Full seal googles

-Lower Face Cover

-Ear Protection

or FULL FACE MASK (example: sly profits, dye I4s etc)

Please see SC village field rules for further details.

Thunder B's allowed only out doors not in buildings

Rubber grenades allowed both inside and outside buildings


Counter-Terrorist Uniforms

Any Camo Pattern includes but not limited to:



-tiger stripe

-desert marpat

-project honor

-glacer gray


Counter-terrorist must be in full camo NO CIVILIAN CLOTHING


Terrorist Uniforms

Any Civilian clothing includes but not limited to:



-cargo pants




Terrorist must be in full civilian clothing NO CAMO